We have moved to Iron Forge Gym, Unit 1, Forge Works, Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QG

Grip Sport Club

A strong grip is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be truly strong. Grip training carries over into all areas of training. The hands and wrists must be strong, as a weak link here will never let you reach your potential.  A strong grip will help stimulate more muscle fibres at the same time, enabling a better muscular activation and a stronger more powerful contraction.  A muscular set of forearms too are always impressive.

Our Hands of Hercules Grip Strength Training Club at Bridge Road Barbell Gym, currently meet twice per week 8pm on Friday and 12pm on Saturday.  We have several members who either train their grip to improve another sport or compete in grip sport itself.  We have members winning competitions and setting world records and are adding equipment all the time.

We also hold grip competitions here.
David Horne – World of Grip
comes to run some of his competitions here as part of his Grip Tour UK.

Sessions are £7 to non members or £5 to members of BRB. Alternatively you can pay a £15 per month to attend as many per month as you like.

Follow our progress and keep up to date with what is going on on the
 Hands of Hercules Grip Club Facebook Group Page

Bridge Road Barbell Powerlifting Club

The Bridge Road Barbell Powerlifting Club is a sports club which promotes drug free lifting.  We have lifters competing across multiple federations. We promote the following federations, the Great British Powerlifting Federation (GBPF / IPF), the BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association), and the ABPU (amateur/drug tested portion of the British Powerlifting Union).  We have lifters competing at regional, national and international level and also hold both inter-club and official federation competitions. We do however of course welcome those lifting in other federations like the GPC or BPU. 

We also hold beginners classes, workshops and competitions for those wanting to get involved in the sport.  We offer coaching and programming to assist lifters of all levels achieve their goal, whether it’s getting started at a novice level, or heading abroad to a world championship.  

We have lots of members, and several coaches all of which are extremely passionate about the sport and are always more than happy to lend a hand to those wishing to further their knowledge, skill base and experience in powerlifting.  Many of our athletes use our ‘online training’ for their programming and as a member of the club they get a third off the cost of this (usually £30 per month, reduced to £20 per month)

We have a powerlifting team and hold team training sessions on a regular basis.  It is advisable though that beginners and some intermediate lifters attend a workshop first before joining the team sessions. 

Please follow our progress and keep up to date on team training sessions and news on our Powerlifting Club Facebook page

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Bridge Road Barbell Weight Lifting Club

We have a newly formed Olympic Lifting Club.  We will be holding classes for people with varying levels of experience, and from 2010 hope to host some competitions.   We will also be looking to recruit team members to represent Bridge Road Barbell in competitions.  

Keep tabs on the clubs progression on our Facebook page 

Strongman / Strongwoman at Bridge Road Barbell

Whilst we have no official club for the strongman at present (as most of the training is done in small groups and people training individually), we have become quite the Mecca for Strongman Event training in the area. 

With some people travelling up to 2hours to come and use the equipment and to train together with like minded people. 

We tend to get a lot of visitors on the weekends by competitive strongman (male and female) athletes looking to get their specialist training in on top of their regular gym training that they do elsewhere during the week.   

We always welcome anyone who wants to get involved and try out strongman and are always on hand to help and advise. 

Olympic Lifting bumper plates and Bars (Again Faster bars)

Full range of Rogue Competition Powerlifting plates

3000kg (approx) worth of cast iron Olympic Plates

6 Texas Power Bars, 1 Rogue Ohio Power bar

2 Ivanko Competition Bars

2 Competition Squat Bars, 2 Texas Deadlift bars

Safety Squat Bars, Cambered Bars (various), Buffalo Bars (various), Axles (various)

Football Bar, Swiss Bar, Cambered Bench/Row Bars, Bamboo Bar, plus multitude of other speciality bars.

Atlas Stones 40-180kg

Loadable Shield

Blacksmiths Anvil

Heavy tractor Tyres

Loadable Steel Logs (15-70kg)


Monster Loadable dumbbells

Farmers Walk handles (various)

Yoke (2)

Sleds (multiple styles)





Car deadlift frame

Circus dumbbells

Hercules hold

Viking Press rack attachment

…. plus much more


Pinch blocks

Adjustable thick bars


Horne top

Grenade grips

Fat grips

Meat hooks

V bars


One arm lift handles

Rolling handles (various)

Europinch apparatus

Stub and coin grips

Climbing grips

Replica Donnie stone apparatus

Pick axe lever

Rolling thunder handles

Circus dumbbells

Rowing machine and Spin Bike

Indoor Multi-purpose Astroturf area for warm up / conditioning / strongman event training / classes etc.

Foam rollers and SMR equipment including Body Tempering equipment.

2 toilets and shower

2 Changing areas

Kitchen / drinking water

Lockers (some available for semi permanent hire if requested)

Onsite Parking

Drinks and protein supplements available for sale at reception.

Weighing scales available.

Coaching (1:1 and Group)




Workshops and Seminars

Day passes available


Online / Remote Coaching


Power Cages
Deadlift Platforms
Squat stands
Competition Powerlifting Benches
45degree Back Extensions
Cable Machines
Dumbbells fixed 2.5-60kg loadable up to 90kg
Reverse Hyper
Glute Ham Raise Machines
Lat Pull Down
Kettlebells 4kg-60kg
Belt Squat machine
Roman Chair
Leg Extension
7 utility benches including a Fat Pad Bench and ladders etc
Leg Press
Plyo boxes, hurdles and ladders
Plate load row machines
Bands and Chains

Any Questions?



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07788 268672