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Phil prides himself on learning and implementing knowledge in the fields of biomechanics, physics and sports and exercise science to teach people appropriate technique and execution of lifts, correct muscle activation and appropriate programming to help people achieve the best possible results.  Technique is often an individual thing and different methods for teaching must always be adopted because everyone learns in a different way. Over the last decade, Phil has dedicated himself to becoming an effective and knowledgable strength coach and is committed to furthering his and the gyms already excellent reputation. 


Phil has competed in both equipped and raw powerlifting, across multiple federations and more recently has started competing in grip competitions as well.  Grip training being very niche, but something which heavily impacts all aspects of strength training.  Phil now holds several world records in Grip sport and is adding to the list of records almost every competition. 

Phil has a continued passion for learning within his industry and has sought out some of the biggest names in strength sports to learn and seek guidance from. Phil has drawn much influence from the likes of Boris Sheiko (World Renowned Russian National Powerlifting Coach), Louie Simmons (of Westside Barbell, highly regarded Powerlifting coach) plus many more big names. Phil is of the belief that most knowledge, to be best applied must come from direct experience rather than straight from a text book. Whilst backing up practical findings with research and theory, a good strength coach will primarily learn about methods from first hand experience. This is why he has always sought to try out training methods himself and this ‘in the trenches’ approach enables him to learn more and subsequent apply relevant portions of it to his athletes and clients. 


Lvl 3 Personal Trainer, PICP Level 1 and 2 National Level Strength and Conditioning Coach, Kettlebell Coach (lvl 1 + 2), Powerlifting  and Strength Sports Specialist Coach



Phil played rugby and cricket at school from aged 8 to 18, during which period, playing some good level club rugby along side (1st XV in both).  After leaving school Phil played rugby for his 1st XV at the University of Kent where he completed a Masters Degree over 4 years. As well as Rugby, during his time at School and University, Phil played a variety of other sports and took part in many activities such as mountaineering and rock climbing, mountain biking. Phil has always been active and into physical fitness in some way or another but started training in gyms at around aged 14-15.   Until University his training was largely done to assist in playing rugby and to get bigger and stronger for the sport.  However the more he trained in a gym the more he found a separate desire to improve his strength and physique which went beyond just improving performance for his sport.

Following University and also completing his vocational studies and qualifying as a Personal trainer, Phil went to work in a commercial gym (self employed) and was lucky enough to meet a Powerlifting Coach, and World Champion Powerlifter, Peter Fiore who trained there. Peter guided Phil and coached him with Powerlifting techniques and this fueled what will now be a lifelong passion for strength training.  Phil found enjoyment in strength training before this but it was the passion and enthusiasm and encouragement from Peter which really sparked the beginning of my powerlifting career.  Since then Phil went on to start his own strength training gym (starting in a small industrial unit only 850sqft) and has gone on to expand and build a successful gym and business. Phil has competed in multiple strength sports, but has especially focussed on powerlifting and more recently has added grip strength competitions into his repertoire. Phil has competed in the GBPF and GPC powerlifting federations, competing in both raw and equipped lifting. Phil is lifelong drug free and is now moving into competing with the ABPU (a tested federation) which caters for raw, single ply and equipped powerlifting.  

Whilst strongman competitions are not the primary focus, Phil has a lot of experience in strongman training and coaching the movements so is fully qualified to programme for and coach people for strongman competitions. 

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