We have moved to Iron Forge Gym, Unit 1, Forge Works, Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QG


Bridge Road Barbell has, over the last decade, forged a reputation for becoming the epitome of  what a strength and power gym SHOULD really be.

No frills, No Gimmicks just heavy iron

…and an atmosphere to bring out the best in anyone who trains here.  We cater for all types of gym goers, be your goals strength, power, muscle size / definition, or fitness orientated.  We specialise, however,  in Powerlifting, Strongman and Weightlifting.  Through innovation and practice, the gym is always improving and evolving to become one of the leading strength gyms in the country.  


Phil Horwood

Phil prides himself on learning and implementing knowledge in the fields of biomechanics, physics and sports and exercise science to teach people appropriate technique and execution of lifts, correct muscle activation and appropriate programming to help people achieve the best possible results. Technique is often an individual thing and different methods for teaching must always be adopted because everyone learns in a different way. Over the last decade, Phil has dedicated himself to becoming an effective and knowledgable strength coach and is committed to furthering his and the gyms already excellent reputation.

Whilst you are welcome to put headphones on and train by yourself, we encourage and especially welcome those who want to become an integrated part of the club . Our members actually speak to each other, rather than just staring at their phones between sets.  Many long lasting friendships are formed here through a shared respect and appreciation for dedication and hard work.  You will find our members, as well as the owner Phil, will jump in to help spot you and many are only too willing to share their advice and help. When possible I highly recommend that you try to work in with others at the gym and form groups to train in as this has proved to excel peoples progress significantly. 

We have an ever growing powerlifting club and invite anyone keen to join, and are hoping the newly formed weightlifting club will follow on with equal success.   We run strongman classes for those wanting instruction as well as welcoming groups of strongman athletes to come and simply utilise our wide range of specialised kit.  We also  run workshops and seminars on a regular basis, and are always looking to pass on as much information as possible to help members develop their skill level and understanding. 


Power Cages
Deadlift Platforms
Squat stands
Competition Powerlifting Benches
45degree Back Extensions
Cable Machines
Dumbbells fixed 2.5-60kg loadable up to 90kg
Reverse Hyper
Glute Ham Raise Machines
Lat Pull Down
Kettlebells 4kg-60kg
Belt Squat machine
Roman Chair
Leg Extension
7 utility benches including a Fat Pad Bench and ladders etc
Leg Press
Plyo boxes, hurdles and ladders
Plate load row machines
Bands and Chains

Olympic Lifting bumper plates and Bars (Again Faster bars)

Full range of Rogue Competition Powerlifting plates

3000kg (approx) worth of cast iron Olympic Plates

6 Texas Power Bars, 1 Rogue Ohio Power bar

2 Ivanko Competition Bars

2 Competition Squat Bars, 2 Texas Deadlift bars

Safety Squat Bars, Cambered Bars (various), Buffalo Bars (various), Axles (various)

Football Bar, Swiss Bar, Cambered Bench/Row Bars, Bamboo Bar, plus multitude of other speciality bars.

Atlas Stones 40-180kg

Loadable Shield

Blacksmiths Anvil

Heavy tractor Tyres

Loadable Steel Logs (15-70kg)


Monster Loadable dumbbells

Farmers Walk handles (various)

Yoke (2)

Sleds (multiple styles)





Car deadlift frame

Circus dumbbells

Hercules hold

Viking Press rack attachment

…. plus much more


Pinch blocks

Adjustable thick bars


Horne top

Grenade grips

Fat grips

Meat hooks

V bars


One arm lift handles

Rolling handles (various)

Europinch apparatus

Stub and coin grips

Climbing grips

Replica Donnie stone apparatus

Pick axe lever

Rolling thunder handles

Circus dumbbells

Rowing machine and Spin Bike

Indoor Multi-purpose Astroturf area for warm up / conditioning / strongman event training / classes etc.

Foam rollers and SMR equipment including Body Tempering equipment.

2 toilets and shower

2 Changing areas

Kitchen / drinking water

Lockers (some available for semi permanent hire if requested)

Onsite Parking

Drinks and protein supplements available for sale at reception.

Weighing scales available.

Coaching (1:1 and Group)




Workshops and Seminars

Day passes available


Online / Remote Coaching


View the rules of the gym, general behaviour / gym etiquette, equipment usage, memberships and more…

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07788 268672