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It’s all you bro…….or is it??

It’s all you Bro…..or is it? Well simply put, no, I’m afraid to say that if your spotter on the bench press is touching the bar (however seemingly lightly) they are still affecting your ability to make the lift. You may argue that the lightest of touches and just loosely touching the bar with their finger tips wouldn’t make a significant difference but thats just not the case. The spotter does not need to be actively pulling upwards on the bar to be helping. The sheer act of touching the bar at all affects the bar path.  Half the challenge with the bench press is just keeping the bar on the correct bar line. This is especially important with equipped bench pressing. If a lifter can keep the bar ‘on the correct line’ then they have a much greater chance of making the lift.   Equipped benching becomes very simple if

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Iron Forge Gym Referral Scheme + 2 free day passes to all members

To all my current members and regular visitors. I will be running a referral scheme across the remainder of March and the whole of April whereby if you recommend the gym to a friend and they sign up as a member, you will get a free PT session for you and/or that friend to use.  I would greatly appreciate it if all members would have a really good think as to anyone that might be persuaded to try the gym out. A friend, family member, work colleague etc who could benefit from training here.  We all know someone who has been spinning their wheels in a commercial gym for months or even years, or someone who has been talking about maybe trying some strength training out but hasn’t pulled the trigger and got going yet. Bring THAT person down here. We’d love to see the already very positive community down

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Looking for highly motivated self employed personal trainers / coaches

We are currently looking for highly motivated self employed personal trainers / strength coaches who are wanting a gym with top grade strength training equipment to base their businesses out of (either part time or full time). We have two positions going and will assist with marketing / promotion for those we select. We are offering very reasonable rates for PT rent and a variety of packages to suit most circumstances. PT/coaches must be fully insured. We will require proof of insurance and coaching qualifications before can begin. Opportunities to run group classes / workshops etc as well as 1:1 sessions. If you are interested or know someone who might be. Please contact Phil on 07788268672 or email info@ironforgegym.co.uk   Many thanks  

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Gym Reopening (finally) Saturday 25th July

To all Bridge Road Barbell Members (past and present) I hope this email finds you well. I thought I would take an opportunity first to thank those of you who have continued to support the gym throughout the period where the gym has been closed down. It has allowed the gym to survive this difficult time and endure the restrictions placed during this Covid-19 pandemic.   I am now happy to be officially reopening  this Saturday(25th July) again and I want to inform people of the changes to how the gym will be operating from now on.  The gym will now be running exclusively on an ‘appointment only’ basis meaning that members and visitors alike will both have to book their sessions in advance on the website at https://www.bridgeroadbarbell.co.uk/book-online/ . Members will need to go to this page and register and set up an account.  I will then approve the

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covid 19 pandemic
gym news

Covid 19 Update : Gym closed until further notice

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and following subsequent Government regulations, Bridge Road Barbell Club have had to temporarily close our doors until we have been cleared to re-open to the public. I appreciate how frustrating this very difficult period is for everyone.  We were left with no option but to close our doors at the start of the official lockdown, but hope that the strong measures taken by the Government will allow us to return to relative normality in the not too distant future. Training is a huge and important part of our lives and it leaves a very big hole when it is taken away and our routines are disrupted. Several people have borrowed equipment to enable some training to continue at home and I urge as many of you as possible to maintain whatever form of training you can.  It is beneficial for both your physical health but

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BRB powerlifting

21st December – Members Powerlifting Comp

On the 21st December, we will be holding a powerlifting competition for any members (and past members) wanting to test out their strength on squat, bench and deadlift, and see how much their strength has improved across the year. It will be a casually run competition and we will accept entries for raw (naked knees), raw with sleeves OR wraps, single ply or multi-ply. You can enter full-power, single lift (squat, bench or deadlift) or a combination of your two favourite lifts. We will be providing some refreshments, teas, coffees, mince pies etc for during/afterwards and would greatly appreciate if as many of the members as possible come down to lift or just show your support for those who are. This is a great opportunity for those who perhaps are thinking about getting into powerlifting, to test out their lifts under competition rules, with referees etc, before taking the plunge

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Grip Competition Results

Grip Tour – Camberley 5th October 2019 On Saturday the 5th October, David Horne and family came down to run another of his World Of Grip Competitions. We had a mixture of new and familiar faces for a great competition,  run brilliantly as usual by David and Elizabeth Horne. The events in this competition were the Fence Post lift, Two handed Key pinch on the shallow hub (lift), Gold Bar Pinch (hold) and the One hand lift (hold).  We had several Bridge Road Barbell members enter and some fantastic performances by all. Particular well done to Callum Watson picking up not one but two world records. We’d love more people from the gym to come and give the Grip competitions a go, as they have a great atmosphere and the training can compliment a regular strength or powerlifting programme very well. Here are the results…. Open Class results (16 competitors)

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