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We run classes throughout the year

Strongman Saturdays - Event Training

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This class is aimed at those looking to get into strongman training and is also suitable for those competing or thinking about competing in strongman or strongman competitions and wanting to get used to some of the special equipment and techniques involved.

This is less of a fitness class and more aimed at strength primarily. We have a wide variety of strongman equipment which is suitable and scalable for all strength levels and all levels of experience from complete beginner to advanced competitive athletes.

Some of the events we include are atlas stones, sandbag and keg loading and carrying, farmers walk, yoke carrying, log, axle press, circus and monster dumbbells, car deadlifts, tyre flips, grip events like the Hercules hold, shield carries, block presses, to name but a few. No experience necessary but equally can cater for more advanced experienced athletes looking to refine techniques.

StrongFit / Sled-Fit Classes

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Offer: 5 classes for £25. Bring a friend to their first class and you both get half price.
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This class combines traditional weight training and strongman training into a fitness and general strength focussed class. Suitable for all abilities and no prior experience with strongman equipment required. This class uses sleds, tyres, sledge hammers, kettlebells , strongman equipment, barbells etc and aims to teach those who attend a base knowledge in lifting weights whilst keeping a good pace to ensure a tough workout is had by all.

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