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It’s all you bro…….or is it??

It’s all you Bro…..or is it? Well simply put, no, I’m afraid to say that if your spotter on the bench press is touching the bar (however seemingly lightly) they are still affecting your ability to make the lift. You may argue that the lightest of touches and just loosely touching the bar with their finger tips wouldn’t make a significant difference but thats just not the case. The spotter does not need to be actively pulling upwards on the bar to be helping. The sheer act of touching the bar at all affects the bar path.  Half the challenge with the bench press is just keeping the bar on the correct bar line. This is especially important with equipped bench pressing. If a lifter can keep the bar ‘on the correct line’ then they have a much greater chance of making the lift.   Equipped benching becomes very simple if

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21st December – Members Powerlifting Comp

On the 21st December, we will be holding a powerlifting competition for any members (and past members) wanting to test out their strength on squat, bench and deadlift, and see how much their strength has improved across the year. It will be a casually run competition and we will accept entries for raw (naked knees), raw with sleeves OR wraps, single ply or multi-ply. You can enter full-power, single lift (squat, bench or deadlift) or a combination of your two favourite lifts. We will be providing some refreshments, teas, coffees, mince pies etc for during/afterwards and would greatly appreciate if as many of the members as possible come down to lift or just show your support for those who are. This is a great opportunity for those who perhaps are thinking about getting into powerlifting, to test out their lifts under competition rules, with referees etc, before taking the plunge

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