We have moved to Iron Forge Gym, Unit 1, Forge Works, Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QG

21st December – Members Powerlifting Comp

On the 21st December, we will be holding a powerlifting competition for any members (and past members) wanting to test out their strength on squat, bench and deadlift, and see how much their strength has improved across the year.

It will be a casually run competition and we will accept entries for raw (naked knees), raw with sleeves OR wraps, single ply or multi-ply. You can enter full-power, single lift (squat, bench or deadlift) or a combination of your two favourite lifts.

We will be providing some refreshments, teas, coffees, mince pies etc for during/afterwards and would greatly appreciate if as many of the members as possible come down to lift or just show your support for those who are.

This is a great opportunity for those who perhaps are thinking about getting into powerlifting, to test out their lifts under competition rules, with referees etc, before taking the plunge and entering a federation and doing a qualifier.

For more experienced lifters this could be a great chance to get a practice total in, or to come and get a competition lift which you didn’t quite make in a previous comp.

We will be counting all the lifts done in this competition as eligible for records on the recently added gym records board. So there will be the opportunity to set some records up on the board and get some of the categories filled.

Entry forms will be available from Phil / in reception and must be in by the end of November. Entry will be £30 and all profit from the competition will go towards the new equipment fund so the more people that compete the more we can spend on new training equipment.

The items we will be working towards getting for the gym over the upcoming months are :

2nd Texas Deadlift bar, a Belt squat, An assisted nordic curl machine / inverse hamstring curl and a viking press. One competition will by no means raise all the funds for all of this, however the more support for every event we hold then the closer we will be to adding these great new pieces of equipment to the gym.

Please show your support for the gym and enter. You don’t have to be peaked necessarily and can always come and do some token 80-90% lifts and just have a fun relaxed day. Alternatively you can push for an all time max. Entirely up to you, the day will be very relaxed.

Please contact Phil on 07788268672 if you intend to enter and get an entry form from reception when you are next in.


Many thanks and look forward to seeing you all here on the 21st Dec.



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